English version 2018


The international competition of creative writing “Brevity as a writing strategy. Creativity in 140 characters: Twitter” is promoted  by Liceo Scientifico e Linguistico Federico II of Altamura (Bari). It is addressed to all European and Italian male and female Secondary School students.

The first edition, addressed  to Secondary School students of Apulia, was carried out in 2013. Since 2015 the competition has become a national one and since 2016-2017 it has become an international one.

With this competition, under the supervision of  the Principal Giovanna Cancellara, this Liceo wants to pursue an innovative path of integration of educational languages. Students can present micro-stories, micro-poems or aphorisms, not exceeding 140 characters, through the social network Twitter, and this requires great abilities of synthesis. Each participant can send only one text through Twitter to the following account @in_breve , according to the terms and conditions or  the regulations outlined in this announcement.

This competition allows students to interact through social networks with an educational aim. The challenge is to write accurately and very concisely (140 characters in total) , combining synthesis and accuracy in using words of their fantasy or  inspiration of the moment.

In the history of  literature, “brevitas” has an important place: from the Latin orators ( among whom Quintiliano) to Marziale’s epigrams , from Fedro’s tales to Tacito’s brevity until the “Novellino”(one of the first texts of Italian literature, anonymous) from Oscar Wilde’s aphorisms to Ennio Flaiano’s  sharpness.

Twitter is not the goal but the tool used for this project. Nowadays technology has changed the way of transmitting knowledge and of communicating, but this does not mean lack of creativity. The challenge  of this Liceo is to put students to the test, by challenging  themselves  to compete with  a social network with educational purposes.

The idea for the competition was conceived by Sabina Piscopo, the referent of the project. The staff of the organization includes, besides the referent of the project, Arcangela Capobianco (International Section), Margherita Susca, Alessandra Montemurro and Lidia Oliviero.

The prize-giving Ceremony  is held in April every year during “The International Youth Week”, organized by  “Liceo Federico II di Svevia”  which becomes the landmark for different European schools.

Translated by Arcangela Capobianco