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Liceo Linguistico e Scientifico “ Federico II di Svevia” of Altamura (Bari) announces

the competition of creative writing “Brevity as a writing strategy. Creativity in 140 characters: Twitter”. Fourth edition. This year’s theme is “Water: Life and Poetry”.

The competition is part of the activities planned for the ‘International Week of Youth’, which is an annual event organized by Liceo Federico II  of Altamura and an occasion when the Institute becomes a reference point for various European schools.

This year the competition has two important novelties: a)participation is allowed both to all Italian High Secondary School students and also to European High School students; b)Tweets can be sent in Italian and English.


Water: Life and Poetry

Water: Life and Poetry

Water: Life and Poetry

The fourth edition of the competition pays specific  attention to water, a vital element par excellence. Participants must express their reflections on this subject in a maximum length of 140 characters, bearing in mind the core requirement of the competition, which is  to unite fullness of meaning to a form as literary and effective as possible. The limit  of 140 characters will remain valid for the competition even if Twitter decides to change the layout with regards to the maximum number of characters allowed for posts. As previously mentioned, the main feature of this competition is “brevitas”, that is  meaningful, significant  synthesis.

The theme chosen is well suited to social economic literary and poetic reflections.

The deadline by which texts and membership cards must be sent is Saturday, 18th March 2017.